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10 Meter samples of 1.75mm NinjaFlex3D filament by Fenner Drives. Open your world to flexible prints with low-tack, easy-to-feed NinjaFlex filaments. NinjaFlex creates extremely flexible, strong prints, extending the capabilities of many of today's best-selling 3D printers. NinjaFlex is a specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), ideal for 3D printers with direct-drive extruders.

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For detailed information on this material go to Fenner Drives

Technical specifications of NinjaFlex 3D printing filaments


NinjaFlex has a very low surface energy, so it typically does not bond well with adhesives; however, Gorilla Glue seems to provide moderate bonding. The best way to connect NinjaFlex parts is with a hot knife welder.

Bowden Extruder Compatibility

Bowden extruders are not ideal for printing flexible filaments such as NinjaFlex due to the excessive distance between the stepper motor and the extruder head; however, some users have generated successful prints using reduced speeds

Bridging (Crossing Open Spans)

NinjaFlex behaves similarly to ABS in this regard and may be substituted in prints designed for ABS


The chemical structure does not suggest a specific alert for such an effect

Chemical Name

Thermoplastic polyurethane

Chemical Resistance

While NinjaFlex is resistant to most oils, it is highly affected by solvents, acids, and fuels such as gasoline. If the printed part should need to be cleaned, a mild soap solution is recommended.

Coating the Build Plate

NinjaFlex bonds well to most surfaces (including aluminum and glass, blue painters tape, etc.), so coating the build platform is not necessary. Kapton tape can be used with NinjaFlex, but the adhesion of the printed part to the tape may be stronger than the adhesive holding the tape to the build platform.


NinjaFlex filament is colorfast, and therefore, the color will not leach from the product.


NinjaFlex is available in Fire, Snow, Sapphire, Midnight, Sun, Grass, Water (semi-transparent), Flamingo, Lava, Gold, and Silver.

NinjaFlex SemiFlex is available in Fire, Snow, Sapphire, and Midnight.


NinjaFlex has been used successfully on many 3D printers, but it has not been tested on every model. In general, NinjaFlex performs best in printers with direct-drive extruders using settings similar to standard, rigid ABS filament.


1.75mm diameter (.50kg weight) spool, 3mm diameter (.75kg weight) spool

Extruder Temperature

Recommended extruder temperature: 210-225°C (410-437°F)


In order for flexible filaments such as NinjaFlex to feed properly, a spring-loaded feed mechanism with a roller bearing is the best option. Also, the extruder must support the filament between the exit of the drive gear and the entrance to the melt chamber.

Getting Started

When switching from another polymer (such as ABS or PLA) purge thoroughly before starting a print. As with other materials, when preheating, use a lower temperature (~180-200°C / ~356- 392°F) to prevent excess material from draining prior to starting a print.

Hardness (durometers)

NinjaFlex is 85A; NinjaFlex SemiFlex is 98A (50D)

Heated Build Plate

While each printer may have unique settings, in most printers, a heated build plate is not required in order to successfully print with NinjaFlex

Material Properties

While tensile properties will vary based on print parameters such as fill level, print direction, and print thickness, both NinjaFlex and SemiFlex have the ability to withstand a large amount of elongation and flex before breaking.

Max. Temperature for Printed Parts

The recommended maximum temperature for NinjaFlex printed parts is 66°C (150°F)

Min. Temperature for Printed Parts

The recommended minimum temperature for NinjaFlex printed parts is -30°C (-22°F). Below this temperature, printed parts will become increasingly brittle and may shatter.


NinjaFlex is odorless

Plastic Guide Tubes

While the low coefficient of friction surface of NinjaFlex has been formulated to reduce surface tack and allow the filament to feed more easily, the use of PTFE guide tubes may be beneficial to further reduce pull at the extruder.

Platform Temperature

Recommended platform temperature: 20-50°C (68-122°F)

Print Speed

Recommended print speed: 30mm/s

Printer Settings

NinjaFlex generally works well at similar extruder settings to ABS; however, adjusting the printer’s retraction settings can improve stop/start print quality. Also, it may be necessary to reduce the print speed to approximately 30mm/s.

Shape Hold

Yes, once printer settings are dialed in, NinjaFlex should deliver similar detail to rigid materials. For tall thin parts, supports may need to be designed-in to prevent the model from flexing as the print head traverses.


Store in original containers at ambient environmental conditions. Segregate from foods and animal feeds.


Although NinjaFlex does not contain any known toxins, it is not recommended for food contact or medical applications


Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) type filament


NinjaFlex should be used in a well-ventilated area according to recommended operating conditions. TPE products are capable of releasing small amounts of fumes at high temperatures. While these fumes are generally considered tolerable and less odorous than ABS, care should be taken to minimize exposure, particularly among sensitive persons.

Water Resistance

While occasional contact with water will have no adverse effect on NinjaFlex, the product will degrade and lose its elastic properties when submerged in water for extended periods of time.

You can purchase whole spools/reels/coils from these suppliers.

Asia -
Australia -
Europe -
Middle East - 
United Kingdom - 3D FilaPrint
USA - Fenner Drives

Note:  All filament weights include packaging. Average weight for 5 meters of 1.75mm filament (without packaging) is 15 gms and 5 meters of 3mm filament is 35 gms.

Samples are shipped in a clear resealable bag, with a small sachet of silica gel.

Manufacturer recommended printer temperatures.
Extrusion Temp: 210ºC - 225ºC
Platform Temp: 20ºC - 50ºC
Recommended Print Speed: 30 mm/sec
Platform Materials: None Given
Please note, the above temperatures are only a guide.


Unique Specialty filament sample database


  • Filament Diameter
  • Filament Length
    10 Meters
  • Filament Color
    Blue Sapphire, Clear Water, Fire Red, Green Grass, Midnight Black, Orange Lava, Pink Flamingo, White Snow, Yellow Sun
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